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San Antonio Spurs Lead Memphis Grizzlies 2-0, Duncan Makes Record

San Antonio Spurs Lead Memphis Grizzlies 2-0, Duncan Makes Record

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Other than coming out with a series lead of 2-0, the San Antonio Spurs also broke individual records, care of their superstar players.

Although it took them an extra quarter to finish off the Memphis Grizzlies, the Spurs was dominant for most of the game, with 93-89 win in overtime. Tony Parker finished with 15 points, five rebounds, three steals, and a playoff-career-high 18 assists that spurred his team to their Game 2 victory of the Western Conference Finals. Parker’s playoff career-high assists is the most by a Spurs player since Avery Johnson has 18 versus the Phoenix Suns during the 1996 NBA playoffs.

Even with Marc Gasol, the NBA Defensive Player of the Year, the Memphis Grizzlies couldn’t catch up as the Spurs defense was just as good, if not better. Tim Duncan had 17 points, nine rebounds, and four blocks. With his fourth block, Duncan, the all-time leader in postseason blocks, notched his 500th block. With that, he became the first player in NBA history to record 500 blocks in the postseason.

The Memphis Grizzlies, for their part, made a comeback in the fourth quarter, closing in on a 13-point lead by the Spurs to force the game into overtime.

Memphis, which trailed as much as 18 points in the second half, failed to pull ahead of the Texas team as Duncan took over for most of the overtime period. Memphis’ Zach Randolph finished with 15, points and 18 rebounds following a dismal two-point performance in Game 1, his lowest-scoring effort all season. Gasol had 12 points and 14 rebounds.

Dress Up and Be Safe: Must Have Motorcycle Accessories for Riders

Dress Up and Be Safe: Must Have Motorcycle Accessories for Riders

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There’s no question that a Harley Davidson motorbike is one of the coolest rides on the planet. Achieving coolness, however, only comes after investing in the right gear and accessories. Simple but often neglected, these spell the difference between being cool and responsible. Here are some accessories that can keep you safe every time you hit the road.


Motorcycle gloves not only provide a cool look, they also improve your grip and comfort, making the bike’s hand controls easier to maneuver. Look for comfortable gloves, which will prevent irritation during long rides. Don’t leave without wearing them. This simple gear can save your life when unexpected situations happen.


Contrary to some stereotypes, another important part of your biking life should be your jackets. While these are often portrayed as a fashion statement, jackets play a more important role during your ride. A simple shirt won’t help you when you go and slide down. Unless you want to experience those bloody accidents, wearing protective jackets can save your life from speedway dangers.


The heat of the engine, bugs and debris battering from side to side, and the asphalt underneath make your feet vulnerable to injuries. Your feet need special protection and regular sneakers won’t do. Make sure to wear proper boots that match your feet size for better protection.


Clear vision is important when riding a Harley in Michigan City. Proper eyewear helps limit the blinding effects of the sun and protects your eyes from dust and debris.


Helmets are undeniably the most important piece of protection you’ll buy. It shields your head and neck from sudden impacts and provides a full-face cover for better protection.

A driver’s license and a fully maintained bike won’t save you from danger. Make sure you’re wearing the right gear every time you hit the speedway. The comfort you feel when riding a motorcycle is important regardless of the bike you own. Be proactive and choose the right gear to keep you safe. Know more about motorcycle accessories by visiting this website.

Without a Skilled Visa, You Might Need to Stay Home

Without a Skilled Visa, You Might Need to Stay Home

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According to an annual study, large economies like Australia are having a hard time finding enough skilled workers, engineers, and other in-demand employees. This is why now is the perfect time to apply for your skilled visa.

Australia is one of the most economically stable nations today. Matched with its strong infrastructure and good economic policies, the country will only grow stronger. Australia has one of the lowest unemployment rates. No wonder more and more immigrants are choosing Australia as their second home. According to a survey, the country will add 300,000 more jobs and there’ll be a boost in wages by around two per cent.

There are still talent shortages in Australia despite its high unemployment. Some main reasons for not filling jobs include a lack of available applicants, skills, and experience. Smaller employers complained about shortages in applicants’ soft skills, like showing a little enthusiasm.

How can You Get a Skilled Visa?

Skills assessment takes between one to six months, depending on the occupation you’re applying for. You need to complete the assessment before lodging your main visa application. You’ll also need at least vocational English to qualify for skilled administration. In some cases, though, you have to take the IELTS test of English language ability.

Who can Help You Obtain a Skilled Visa?

You should have a visa in Australia in order to work in the country, and one of the most competent is a skilled visa. This type of visa is for those with skills in demand in the Australian labour market. You’ll need formal qualifications to pass skills assessment. The process is long and complex, as you have to undergo several assessments. Get the help of agents to streamline the process and help you get the visa easily. They understand each visa category, their steps, forms, policies, and probable pitfalls.

Skilled visas are highly desired by Microsoft, Apple, Google, and other leading technology companies. They could create more jobs for everyone by adding talented immigrants who would improve innovation at already-established companies or even start their own. Visit this website to learn how you can meet the Department of Immigration’s requirements.

Classy Boots for the Stylish Bloke

Classy Boots for the Stylish Bloke

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This season brings boots to the forefront with new trends and styles to match. With such a versatile range of men’s boots online, it’s a wonder that some men don’t own a pair. Now, you’ll have no reason not to find yourself a stylish looking pair with this guide.

The Dapper Boot

Thanks to Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire, the dapper trend is back and here for a while, which isn’t a bad thing especially if you’re in need of boots. These styles may not be your everyday boots, but they’re certainly a must-have for your wardrobe. Go big with colour and fine tailoring with your top clothing, as these boots tend to have a subtle impression at first glance.

The Classic Boots

Classic boots are functional and never go out of style. You can also practically wear it with anything. A basic leather jacket is a perfect finishing touch, depending on the grain of your boots.

The Dealer Boots

Characterized by ankle-high height, the dealer boots employ an elastic panel, which allow the shoes to stretch when putting them on or taking them off. Although these boots rose to fame in the ’60s mod scene, the shoes first came during the Victorian era as a riding boot praised for its convenience.

The Long Boots

Long boots are excellent purchase as you can wear them in the rain and are versatile in style. Match these boots with chinos or denim. The key is to go with a darker wash of denim if the boots are in lighter colours.

Shopping for boots is about exploring all your options to make smarter decisions. It’s about knowing how it fits your feet, how it feels against your skin, and how it’s made. There are many styles of boots out there, but what’s great about being a man is you can do perfectly well by sticking with just a few styles that match yours. You don’t need to maintain some boots collection to keep up with the latest and the coolest. If you invest in a handful of sensible, stylish boots and maintain them, you’ll be set for years.

Visit shoeempire.com.au for a wide range of choices.

GA Flesh-Eating Bacteria Victim Gets Bionic Hands

GA Flesh-Eating Bacteria Victim Gets Bionic Hands

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A woman in Georgia who lost both her hands and legs to flesh-eating bacteria has been outfitted with prosthetic hands for free.

Aimee Copeland of Snellville, GA., is the first woman in the world with bilateral upper limb amputations to be fitted with the new iLimb ultra revolution prosthetic hands by Touch Bionics. The company gave her the bionic hands for free and told NBC’s Today show that she would become their spokeswoman.

The hands, which Copeland controls with her muscles, cost about $100,000 each. They let her wipe down tables, fold a towel, hang clothes, and even flat iron her hair. The hands can be controlled through an iPhone or iPod application.

Copeland developed a rare condition called necrotizing fasciitis after cutting her leg in May 1, 2012 in a fall from a homemade zip line over Tallapoosa River. With her new hands, the University of West Georgia graduate resumes her studies in the university for a master’s in humanistic psychology.

From Drag to Fab: Hair Extensions aren’t ‘Dyeing’

From Drag to Fab: Hair Extensions aren’t ‘Dyeing’

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Have you ever wondered how Kim Kardashian got her long, luscious locks? It’s not just her genes. In fact, there’s a beauty secret in Hollywood that celebs won’t talk about, and it’s more than Botox.

Hair extensions have become the go-to during red carpet events for creating full, voluminous styles. But they’re not just for these events. From clip-in to all-natural hair extensions, more and more beauty enthusiasts use them to fake bangs, cover up a bad haircut, or to add oomph to everyday limp locks.

From Wigs to Virgin Hair

The use of wigs in the last two decades has been limited to people in special situations. Sometimes, they’re people from the industry of entertainment, or even high society, but often they’re just those who suffer from alopecia, due to either disease or plain old age. Nowadays more people are open to altering and experimenting with their looks.

Vogue UK, New York Daily News, and Seventeen have dedicated print space for celebrity hair extensions. All tackled maintaining and styling hair extensions. Celebs like Selena Gomez, Tara Reid, and Kim Kardashian constantly update their looks by using different hair extensions. These aren’t just for celebrities, though. Even everyday women today use virgin hair extensions.

What’s So Special with Brazilian Extensions?

Unlike other products, Brazilian hair extensions haven’t undergone any chemical processing, such as perming, bleaching, and dyeing. Its strands are assembled in a unidirectional manner to protect the cuticles from damages and to minimize frizzing and tangling.

A top choice among hair professionals, Brazilian hair extensions have a soft, silky smooth texture and bounciness that makes you more attractive without the trouble of daily styling. They last longer than other non-virgin hair and are less likely to tangle.

Hair extensions are one of the beauty solutions to go from drag to fab. Whether it’s straight, curly, or wavy, this fashion trend doesn’t seem to be “dyeing” anytime soon. For women wanting to change their looks, hair extensions are now more affordable and accessible than ever before. Visit this website for a wide range of these hair extensions used by Hollywood celebs.

Auto Trade-in: Revolutionizing Car Trades

Auto Trade-in: Revolutionizing Car Trades

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Car trade is a reality of life. Face it: your car won’t stay with you forever as it devalues over time. The longer you stick to driving an old car, the more dollars you’ll burn for maintenance and repairs. It’s even at risk of being totaled by the insurance company should it incur a bad wreck in an accident.

Auto trade-in is a smart way to buy or sell a car. It allows you to ditch your old car and save money for a better ride. Syosset Ford Lincoln of Huntington, a premier Huntington-based Lincoln dealership, explains three reasons why trading-in your old car to a dealer is a clever idea.

Get Rid of the Old Car Fast

Auto trade-ins allow you to save time and energy to get rid of your old car. Forget about creating fancy ads for Craigslist just to find a buyer when selling it privately. When you take it to dealerships, Huntington Lincoln dealers will just have to inspect and valuate your car and then it’s done. They’ll determine its worth based on its current condition and deduct its value to cut down the price of your new purchase.

Reset Your Auto Loan

Many dealers accept trade-in vehicles that are under a loan. They’ll appraise the car and then take care of the remaining balance on your loan. This can be a great strategy if your car is on the brink of being repossessed.

Trading in your car allows you to refinance your auto loan. This gives you a fresh start toward improving your credit score instead of falling behind with your payments.

Receive Tax Incentives

The state of New York offers tax credits auto traders. On top of the value of your old car, this can save you hundreds of dollars more. Long Island Lincoln dealers would only apply the taxes after removing the trade value of your vehicle off the retail price of your new purchase.

Bid your old car goodbye and say hello to a better ride. Visit syossetlincoln.com for more information on auto trade-in.

Love Between Two Worlds: Ending the Hardships of Long Distance Relationships

Love Between Two Worlds: Ending the Hardships of Long Distance Relationships

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Online dating is one of the most common ways to find love in the UK. In fact, more than 1,400 matchmaking sites are in the UK, which bridges the gap for citizens to meet a partner overseas. Among all countries on the planet, Thailand is one of the most special places from where Cupid may have aimed his arrows at British nationals. In fact, the number of marriages between UK men and Thai women continues to rise over the years.

But like other cross-cultural relationships, the biggest hurdle to UK-Thailand couples is the long distance separating the two countries. Although two people from both sides of the world can communicate instantly through the marvels of the Internet, nothing can match face-to-face interaction. Thai Visa Express, one of the trusted immigration consultants for Thailand and the UK, shares some tips to fuel your love despite the distance.

Make Realistic Expectations

Wake up to reality and prepare yourself for the long nights and video chats. Accept the fact that you won’t see each other as often as when you’re together. Being realistic can help you reduce the loneliness brought on by a long distance relationship.

Find Time for Each Other

Make a conscious effort to get in touch with each other. The intimacy in your relationship may turn sour if you lose touch. Regular conversations can keep the fire of your romance burning.

Fix your schedules and set a regular time to speak and catch up on each other’s lives. Hearing the voice or seeing your partner for a brief moment can help ease your longing.

Enjoy Your Liberty

Use your freedom to do other things. Go out and socialise with your friends and family. Be productive and use your energy to do well in your career. Doing other things is a good diversion so you won’t be missing your partner too much.

Live Together

Cut the distance and start living together. Decide who should move where. If you have a Thai partner who plans to reside in the UK, know the UK visa requirements for Thailand. Learn the right process of visa applications to avoid refusals and help your Thai partner fly to the UK quickly.

Thanks to immigration consultants like Thai Visa Express, couples can celebrate their love together, bound neither by time nor distance. Click this for more information.

Customizing Your Harley Davidson and Owning the Freeway

Customizing Your Harley Davidson and Owning the Freeway

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Owning a Harley Davidson says a lot about you. Other than getting your from point A to B, the unrestrained power, the mechanical beauty, and the wild howl of the engine are some of the things that attract those who want a different kind of ride.

Owning a Harley also means joining the brotherhood. Yes, you’re already in a brotherhood, but there’s something inside you that urges you to create your own brand that will make you stand out from the rest. Harley-Davidson Indianapolis shares some tips to make your HD machine “your own.”

Aesthetics and Comfort

HD motorcycles are works of art. They’re a prime example of the modern industrial design. With customized Harley parts, you can infuse your creativity with the existing artistry. Use neutral or metallic paint to achieve a gleaming effect and great play of light and shadow.

You can also change the handlebars. This is a matter of taking some parts, disconnecting old bars, and bolting it all back with new ones. Don’t forget the cable.

Change the seat. Go for upholstery that’s comfortable, even if there are other riders on your back. Include highway pegs. These are ideal for those who spend long hours traveling.


Get a new air filter. This is among the easiest things you can do to supercharge your bike’s performance. Change your engine internals. This is a bit complicated, but it’s all worth it. Ask a professional to do this, as a trivial mistake may kill your beast.

While you have all the things you need to personalize your machine, you will also have to learn some pointers, like the two-second rule, to keep yourself and other riders safe. This machine mirrors your personality, and if you want to improve it, you can drop by Harley Davidson of Kokomo located at U.S. 31 Kokomo, Indiana. You can also call (765) 864-9999 for your HD needs. You can also visit this site to preview just what you would find at these locations, and maybe you will indeed find what you’re looking for to make your Harley your own.

Fishing Essentials for Vacationers in Islamorada

Fishing Essentials for Vacationers in Islamorada

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Fishing is a fun and exciting activity the whole family can enjoy. It’s a great way to bond and spend quality time. Finding Islamorada boat rentals is among the first things vacationers should do when planning to go fishing or island hopping in the Florida Keys.

Islamorada in Florida is a great destination for people looking for a memorable and exciting vacation experience. This area enjoys tropical climate that’s perfect for different water activities such as fishing. An ultimate fishing and island experience in the Florida Keys calls for the right type of boat. Islamorada Fishing Source shares the common charter types available for rent in the area.

Large Sport Fishing Charters

This type of boat is great for sports fishing in the reef and deeper waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Measuring about 34 to 54 feet, large sport fishing charters can bring anglers to the area where snappers and groupers thrive. Most vessels of this size feature comfortable amenities such as cabins, lounges, and air conditioning system.

Large boats are ideal for a bigger group of tourists such as family or circle of friends. Their increased size and weight can easily handle big waves, and their powerful motors allow them to travel longer distances. These crafts are best for catching kingfish, tuna, swordfish, sailfish, and the like.

Center Console Vessels

These charters are perfect for center console fishing in the Florida Keys. They take anglers to good targets just like what larger charters do. Their features often include a T-top to get out of the sun or a fully-equipped bathroom.

Bay Boats

Vacationers will enjoy shallow water fishing aboard the bay boats. They’re ideal to rent when catching trout, tarpon, mackerel, redfish, and groupers. Their size usually ranges from 19 to 24 feet, enough to carry four people.

Flats and Backcountry Charter Boats

These vessels target shallow waters of the flats and backcountry of the Florida Bay. Anglers can catch any type of fish swimming in the area using these boats. These include snook, trout, redfish, snappers, permit, and sharks.

Islamorada Fishing Source offers charter boasts for fishing and island in the Florida Keys. Visit islamoradafishingsource.com to find the right boat for you and your group.