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One of the Best Ski Resorts in the World

One of the Best Ski Resorts in the World

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Val d’Isère is one of the premier ski destinations across the globe. Its popularity is well merited because it has won many awards. Here are the reasons why you would not want to miss out on this ski resort.

Diverse Ski Terrain

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, Val d’Isère has something for everyone. The terrain is perfect for groups with different levels of skiing ability. No one will get left out in Val d’Isère.

State of the Art Transportation

The solaise gondola, which opened in December 2016, has 96 cabins. Each cabin can fit ten people, and this means that you don’t have to wait long for your turn to the top of the mountains. This holds true even during peak seasons. The ride is also one of the fastest in the world as it only takes 7 minutes to get to the top.

World Class Accommodation and Restaurants

According to Ski Line Limited, there are plenty of accommodation options in Val d’Isère. The three-star hotel choices are Hotel La Foret and Chalet Marsala. If you wish to stay in a four-star hotel, Hotel Auberge St Hubert is an excellent option. Though they may be a little bit pricey, it is important to consider these highly rated hotels for the best Val d’Isère experience. If budget is tight, there are also more affordable options. With the right travel agency, you can even get good discounts.

The restaurants in Val d’Isère are top-notch. You can find various dining options including fancy bistros and traditional Savoyard restaurants. There are also affordable restaurants and pubs that serve food from all over the world.

There are only a few places on earth that would beat taking a ski holiday at Val d’Isère. It has the complete package for everyone. Make sure to put this beautiful place on your bucket list.

Dressing Up for the Autumn Season (Version 2017)

Dressing Up for the Autumn Season (Version 2017)

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Add flare to the laid back and cosy mood of the autumn season. If you enjoy keeping up with the hottest trends in the fashion world, you better watch out for these edgy, cheerful and comfy styles.

A Look Back to the 80s

Crop tops, bold prints, and flamboyant colours are making its way again, more like the 80s vibe. Many fashion faithfuls are seeing the continuous comeback of vintage style for the year 2017, especially during the fall season. The reason is due to the combinations shades and hues. Along with that, the vintage pops comfort without eliminating style and fashion.

Back to the Basics

As the autumn season opens, the plain and basic will rule over. This is in terms of cuts, layers, and designs. This kitsch art will lie low for now, as this season the combination of simple and basic yet classy will make its reign. A good example of this style is the basic combination of a neutral-coloured trench over a basic tee or long sleeves.

Cashmere FTW

When it comes to autumn fashion, cashmere fabric is one of the things you must never leave out. For both men and women, cashmere tops are as warm and comfortable as it feels. Even Everyday Cashmere and fashion experts agree that cashmere is the best fabric once the sweater weather comes into place.

The Return of the Velvet

As the season of harvest comes around, fashion experts are foreseeing a great comeback for the velvet. It’s gorgeous, stylish, lightweight and most importantly comfortable. It is pretty much everything you want for a dress or clothes. What’s more is you can expect more looks and cuts with this fabric, so you’ll never go out of style.

Don’t let the change of season ruin your style. Ready your autumn look by adding and incorporating these latest fashion trends to your getup.

Organise a Great Outdoor Birthday Party

Organise a Great Outdoor Birthday Party

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If your child’s birthday falls in the summer, there’s no better place to celebrate it than outdoors. With the perfect weather outside and the flowers in full bloom, your outdoor space makes the perfect setting for an amazing party.

Here are four creative ways to make your child’s birthday wildly successful.

Create different zones

You can start by zoning your lawn into separate areas. You could consider hiring temporary fences in Auckland so the children’s activity area would be clearly separate from the food and drinks areas.

These fences would also be helpful if your guests have pets and need an area of their own during the party. Set different zones for various activities. Set a hand washing station and a trash station too. Marking out zones helps things run smoothly during the party.

Invite your child’s friends

Outdoor parties turn out great if you invite your children’s friends.  Having their peers celebrating their birthday is important for children. The interaction and games are what would make the event a big success for your child.

Choose the best time for the party

The best time to hold a birthday party is around 11 a.m. It is the best time because it is nearly lunch time and you can serve sweet cakes, pies, sausages, and burgers to your child’s guests. An ideal outdoor party should take between three and four hours to ensure that there’s enough time for all the exciting activities.

Use bright and cheerful decor

Create a festive mood by using bright, colourful decorations for the party. You could choose a theme that your child would love, such as a pirate theme, a princess/prince theme, or even a zoo theme. Using the appropriate decor and greenery will liven up any party. You could also give small party favours such as paper hats, stickers, and even candies to make the guests even more cheerful.

You don’t need a huge outdoor space to hold the perfect birthday party for your child. You can easily pull off a party that everyone will talk about till your child’s next birthday.

Searching For Happiness? Five Ways To Feel It

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If the 2016 Harris poll is anything to go by, happiness is a quest that seems futile for many people. However, few people realize that happiness is a choice, and it is waiting to be embraced. Here are five easy ways to find happiness in your life.

1. Choose to be happy

You can never be happy unless you make a decision to be. Happiness is a state of mind. It is how we interpret things that make the difference. If you choose to be negative, you can never find happiness in anything. So begin with changing your worldview. Be more optimistic and surround yourself with positive people. Optimism is indeed contagious. Most of all, embrace life’s little pleasures. Stop and smell the roses!

2. Look good

Beauty isn’t merely skin-deep. It affects our emotions. If you look good, you are likely to feel more confident, empowered, and secure. Feeling more attractive can indeed make you happier. Smile more, improve your posture, or even dress up to boost your confidence.

However, if you feel unconfident because of wrinkles or frown lines, a Botox treatment could help in giving you a smoother and younger appearance. In Utah, Botox treatments are available at local medical spas and clinics.

3. Help other people

Helping others produces a feeling of well-being and satisfaction. An old Chinese saying goes, “If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.” Helping makes you more connected to other people. Putting a smile on someone’s face is very fulfilling and it stirs positive emotions. Contribute to charity, shelter a street family, volunteer for a worthy cause. Make a difference in somebody else’s life can instigate a flood of positive emotions.

4. Don’t hold on to the past

If things did not turn out as well as you expected, it’s all right to feel bad about it. However, it is best to let go and move on from the situation. You don’t need to bury yourself in misery and bitterness. You cannot change the past, but you can shape the future. Focus on tomorrow and let bygones be bygones.

5. Get a sense of humor

Find something you find hilarious. A good laugh releases feel-good hormones that improve emotional well-being. Find humor every day, crack jokes with friends, and learn to calm down.

Happiness can make your life more fulfilling regardless of your financial or physical condition. Make a choice to be happy now.

The Wonders of Live Streaming

The Wonders of Live Streaming

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While browsing your social media account, you may have encountered a live video or two that are always on top of the news feed. Live videos are today’s top trend that even huge corporations can’t help but adapt to what’s “in”. News reports, events coverage, and live stream of a famous person’s everyday activities are often on top of the buzz.

You can even live stream your favorite dance competition on the Internet. Dance Network shares the top reasons live streaming is the best free publicity today.

It puts your company closer to people with quick responses

Companies and organizations that use live streaming enjoy the trendy level of engagement that is important in trust building. Some even open up by introducing the team or people behind their company and it creates a level of closeness to their patrons and clients.

Putting a face on a certain brand makes people feel like they are also meeting the same people behind the famous logo through the interaction made possible by live video comments. It eliminates the hint of mystery about the organization and with that, familiarity breeds, making consumers want to buy products and services.

It targets a larger audience

While email marketing helps keep your prospects within reach, this is only possible if they are on your list. With live streaming, you can gather leads that you have not obtained through list building. This is because buzz on social media or word-of-mouth on video channels can create interest from people who are normally unreachable through written content marketing. Live stream videos are easier to produce and reports have shown that these are among the most shared content over the Internet.

Viewers and netizens know that live streaming is unrehearsed, unedited, and real. There’s no denying that live streaming can do wonders to any organization if done right.

3 Reasons To Ski in Vail this 2017

3 Reasons To Ski in Vail this 2017

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Vail, Colorado is one of the most popular ski destinations in the United States. Vail sells a huge number of ski passes every year. Its most famous one, the Epic Pass, was sold to about 400,000 visitors already. That’s roughly $200 million in revenue.

That’s enough proof of Vail’s popularity to ski lovers.

There are numerous ski rental shops in Vail that cater to a wide range of clientele. From beginners to pros, from the young ones to the older fans of the sports, ski seems to be the way of life in this skiing wonderland.

Here are some of the reasons to head to Vail this year:

Vail Has Great Skiing Conditions – Whenever, Wherever

While there are many discounts you can enjoy during the skiing season, there are also plenty of perks during the off season. For instance, off-season skiing means there are fewer folks on the slopes. It also means there are no lift lines! Some of the establishments and accommodations also lower their prices during shoulder seasons, so you can stay longer.

You Savor Local Eats Outside

Your time on the slopes can really work up an appetite. If you’re looking for more great eats other than the ones served at the resorts, head to a farmers’ market. Check out the Vail Farmers’ Market & Art Show that takes place every Sunday along Meadow Drive from June to October.

You Learn About Skiing History

Whether you’re a fan of the sport or a curious spectator, you’ll learn more about the history of skiing at the Colorado Ski Museum & Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame. There is no admission fee at the museum, but donations are always welcome. Knowing about the history of the sports helps you appreciate the modern advancements you now enjoy.

Vail has many skiing events all year round. When in Vail, have fun both on and off the slopes to maximize your trip to one of the country’s best skiing spots.


Fly & Away! Getting Ready on Your Next Getaway

Fly & Away! Getting Ready on Your Next Getaway

Wanderer's Corner July 19, 2015 at 5:16 am Comments are Disabled

So you are finally on the cusp of the holiday you have been dreaming of. Still, you are worrying about one thing: how to use of your time wisely, while making sure you are living every moment of it.
To ease up the stress of prepping up, here are some tips for planning your well-deserved holiday trip – and perhaps even earn in the process.

Research and Ask

Before you book any reservations, find all the necessary information you need for the destination you want to visit. You can even ask your family and friends for suggestions. This will help you narrow down your choices, as well as select the best destination for the vacation you have in mind.

For your accommodation, check out various travel packages. In fact, holidays are even better for those who let out properties in popular tourist sites, especially bed and breakfasts. Purchasing management rights in such places as Brisbane allow you to earn revenue from backpackers – and who knows? You could even use it for yourself.


Avoid getting lost in a totally new place by studying the area ahead of time. Make sure to always bring a map with you whenever you are travelling. Alternative, activate and consult Google Maps (or a similar map app on your mobile or tablet). This allows you to easily view and see every street, road, and landmark. A map can help you save a valuable amount of time.

Create an Itinerary

As soon you finish researching about your destination, you can now start creating your own itinerary or schedule. Having an itinerary allows you to make use of your time wisely, especially when you are visiting popular destinations. In addition, it also helps you purchase tickets and book any necessary reservations in advance.

Leave Room for Spontaneity

Though it is certainly good to create an itinerary for your trip, leaving some flex room in your plan is still recommended. Let’s face it, there are just times that things might not exactly go as planned. To avoid these unexpected things from ruining your trip, make sure to carve out time for walking and touring around your destination.

By using the guidelines provided in this post, you finally have some ideas to make your vacation worthwhile. Just always remember that careful planning is one of the keys to an exciting and unforgettable vacation. And if you can earn on the side, why not?

Touring Singapore Without Breaking the Bank

Touring Singapore Without Breaking the Bank

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Singapore is one of the most exciting destinations to visit in Asia. With its rich, diverse culture and attractions that are to die for, you just have to go here at least once in your life. If you’re tight on budget, it still is no excuse. Here are some ways you can enjoy the magnificence of this city state without breaking the bank.

Book a Tour Package

Store.Sentosa.com.sg says finding a cost-efficient Singapore attractions package is one way to make the most out of your Singapore trip without spending a fortune. Usually, these packages include some of the most noteworthy destinations in Singapore. This includes Sentosa, Universal Studios, and Gardens by the Bay. Find the perfect package for your budget and preferences and book in advance to get discounts.

Eat at Hawker Centres

Dining at restaurants is good, but not necessary. Even if you’re on a budget, the food halls, food courts, and hawker stalls in Singapore can still give you a great dining experience. The food choices are all authentic and wide ranging, not to mention very affordable. The most popular ones are in Chinatown, Raffles MRT stop, and Makansutra Gluttons Bay.

Visit Free Attractions

Some attractions in Singapore are just too expensive for some people to even consider. Worry not because there are plenty of free destinations that have their own charm and unique qualities, too. Admire the beauty of Gardens by the Bay’s supertrees, see Singapore’s atmospheric temples, walk the Southern Ridges, and pose with the popular Merlion. Other free attractions include:

– East Coast Park
– National University of Singapore Museum
– Singapore Botanic Gardens
– Fort Canning Park
– Gillman Barracks
– St. Andrew’s Cathedral
– Armenian Church
– Haw Par Villa
– Baba House

Singapore is a delight to tour and visit because of its many attractions for different types of people. Go with your family or closest friends and remember these tips for a great but affordable getaway.

5 Gold Coast Attractions You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

5 Gold Coast Attractions You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

Wanderer's Corner May 29, 2015 at 5:45 am Comments are Disabled

One of the best places to visit in Australia is the destination-rich and fun-filled Gold Coast. It is the home to some of Australia’s most fantastic activities and attractions. With many theme parks, day tours, and cruises available, you definitely will not run out of things to do.

Here are some attractions you would not want to miss.

7D Cinemas

Forget 3D and 4D – you can now experience another level of fun with Gold Coast’s 7D cinema! Located in Surfers Paradise, this new virtual reality technology is the first in Australia. Instead of just watching in front of a theatre, you would feel like you are part of the movie!

Aquaduck Tours

From the Surfers Beach road to different high rises, this tour will truly set you in the mood for more water fun! This exciting boat ride fives nose first into the water, exploring beautiful sights. The best thing about this is kids can drive it and get a free certificate they could take home.

Harbour Town Shopping

The Gold Coast boutique shopping experience is a must, especially in the 200 stores comprising the Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre. These direct outlet and clearance stores offer discounts of at least 30%. There are specialty retailers, entertainment, al fresco dining, and other services available for a complete shopping experience.

Bungy Australia

Thrill-seekers will definitely want to try this bungy experience. Prepare to take that leap of faith as you stand 40 meters above ground. That’s height equivalent to 14 storeys! Aside from the adrenaline, you will also have the chance to see the local landscape’s grand panoramic view.

Flyboard Extreme

Dive like a dolphin and emerge back flying like IronMan in this latest Australian craze! Now available in the Gold Coast, this activity will surely be one of the most talked about picture on your social media feed.

Enjoy every minute of your stay at Gold Coast by handpicking what things you wish to do. Tag your closest friends along for an experience you will never forget!

Things that Guests are Looking for in a Hotel Room

Things that Guests are Looking for in a Hotel Room

Wanderer's Corner May 25, 2015 at 1:36 am Comments are Disabled

HotelWhether out of town to work or to play, most people choose hotel as their place of accommodation due to convenience and availability. Almost all hotels can be searched online, giving customers enough freedom and convenience to choose the accommodation they want without having to physically check the places to stay.

On the other hand, online booking and payment give business travelers and vacationers the comfort of reserving and paying for their rooms online.

While having a website and an own booking and payment system could give your hotel business the boost that it needs, these are not enough to encourage guests to check in to your place.

Guests are looking for several things in a hotel. Here are some of them:


A recent poll that aimed to study the behavior of business trekkers revealed that 73% of business travelers consider location as the most influential in picking the hotel of their choice. Customers are more encouraged to stay in hotels near the airports and business districts for greater convenience.

Hotel Wi-Fi

The survey further revealed that the availability of strong Internet connection is a major factor in picking where to stay, and how reliable hotel Wi-Fi is, says ecommnetworks.com. Among the 529 travelers polled for the survey, 84% of them said they prefer working inside their hotel rooms, as compared to the 4% who prefer getting online in common Wi-Fi areas and 10% who want to do their business in hotel lobbies.


Business and recreational travelers alike view cleanliness as among the top priorities in choosing a hotel. For them, the quality of the room would reflect their hotel experience, and a spotless room could mean a worthwhile hotel stay.

Room Facilities

More than half of the surveyed said they are taking advantage of a hotel room’s refrigerator and microwave. So apart from improving your hotel’s common areas, it is wiser to invest in room amenities to provide customers the comfort they truly deserve.

As a hotel business owner, your customer’s convenience should be your number one priority. By keeping abreast with their needs, you are sure to provide a pleasant hotel experience worth repeating.