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What if Someone You Love Suffers From Binge Eating?

What if Someone You Love Suffers From Binge Eating?

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Weight is a sensitive issue, something that the considerate is unlikely to tackle with a loved one. Body shaming after all is truly one of humanity’s most harmful habits. It has to stop. But what if you suspect a family member or a close friend of suffering from binge eating disorder (BED)?

Experts say BED is three times more prevalent than anorexia or bulimia, so it is not a far off possibility. How do you intervene without doing more harm than good?

Here is a step-by-step discussion on how best to help.

Look more closely for telltale signs

Early intervention is the most effective way to stop an eating disorder in its tracks. Take action if you observe the following:

• Having large quantities of food in two- or three-hour intervals

• Displaying anxiety or a sense of loss while eating

• Hiding food, lying, or being secretive about eating habits

You should also be able to see changes in personality or disposition. Click here for a more thorough discussion of the signs.

Adopt the right perspective

Before you speak to someone with an eating disorder, make sure you understand the complexities of this condition. Ignorance is a gateway to judgment. Consider these fast facts:

• Not all binge eaters are obese and not all who are obese suffer from BED.

• Those that have BED are not simply lazy

• Healing happens when you understand how and why your loved one used food to cope emotionally

Create a safe environment

Reassure your loved ones that they are in a loving home free of judgment. To sound as if you are blaming a sufferer for this lack of self-control is not helpful.

Shame is the primary reason that many with eating disorders endure their struggles in silence so you might be pushing your loved one to retreat in isolation. Experts expect only 43% of victims to seek help.

Consult professionals

Support of friends and family are critical because of the emotional connection they have with the sufferer but they cannot fully replace binge eating disorder treatments by trained specialists who have more experience.

Hope is on the horizon though, because BED is a very treatable condition for those with enough courage and adequate support.

3 Ways to Keep Your Bones Healthy

3 Ways to Keep Your Bones Healthy

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According to figures from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), osteoporosis is more common among women. In fact, this condition affects about one in four women aged 65 years old and above. While old age and heredity contribute to bone health, what’s alarming is that many people are unaware that they have osteoporosis.

This is why it’s important to undergo screening and get help from an orthopedic center in Torrance. This is a good way to check your risk of getting this bone condition. Even if you’re not over 65 yet, here are some ways to take care of your bones:

Get some sunshine!

In several studies, researchers found that vitamin D deficiency is linked to many cases of bone fractures. The so-called sunshine vitamin is crucial in bone formation because it assists in calcium absorption. Go out and get some sunshine; it’s good for you. Just make sure you protect your skin from the harmful UV rays by applying good-quality sunscreens and seeking shade when you’re tanning.

Get your calcium requirements from different sources

Even if you hate milk or you’re lactose intolerant, you can get calcium from other sources, such as bok choy, sardines, anchovies, parsley, cauliflower, broccoli, and more. Some people love cheese but hate milk. Don’t limit yourself to the thought that you need to drink a full glass of milk daily to get calcium. In fact, you can ask your doctor for a good calcium supplement if you really hate drinking milk.

Limit your sugar intake

Like caffeine-rich and alcoholic beverages, sugary drinks and food can easily deplete your body of the needed calcium and other important minerals. You don’t have to cut sugar out of your diet completely, though; just limit your sugar intake and settle for foods that are naturally sweet, such as fruits.

Don’t wait until you encounter some problems; start taking care of your bones as early as now. Consider these tips and give your bones some TLC so they can take care of you later in life.

My Teeth Seem to Be Fine: Is it Okay to Skip Dental Visits?

My Teeth Seem to Be Fine: Is it Okay to Skip Dental Visits?

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It is a sad truth, but many people only visit the dentist when they got a toothache or cavity. Whilst it is recommended to see them at least twice a year, statistics suggest that a quarter of adults admit that they have not seen a dentist in the past two years. More than a quarter of them only visit a dental professional when they experience a problem.

Proper Oral Hygiene

When your teeth seem to be doing fine, you may think that it is okay to forgo the visit to your dental care provider. If you brush your teeth at least twice a day, you may believe that your teeth are safe from dental health problems such as decay and gum disease. It is true that proper oral hygiene is one key to keeping your teeth strong, but you still need to see the dentist for teeth cleaning and check-ups.

Finding Issues

Dentists examine your teeth to find out potential problems and address them accordingly. They also perform professional cleaning to remove plaque left behind even after brushing and flossing, as well as hardened plaque (tartar), which cannot be removed by regular brushing. Plaque that is left on teeth for too long can eat away your enamel and weaken your teeth.

Preventing Gum Disease

Plaque can also result in decay and gum disease. The latter can make your gums swollen, sore, infected and make them bleed easily. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to periodontitis, making your teeth loose or causing them to fall out. You will need to see a dentist to remove stubborn plaque and tartar. Regular dental cleaning can also reverse gingivitis or the mild form of gum disease.

Dental visits can do more than just prevent oral problems and clean your mouth. Studies have shown that there is a connection between the mouth and the body and cleaning may help lower your risk of certain conditions like stroke and heart disease. They can also brighten your smile, freshen your breath and stop tooth loss. 

Caring for Your Dental Health Well Into Old Age

Caring for Your Dental Health Well Into Old Age

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As you get older, your body goes through some dramatic changes, including your mouth. Several factors combine to affect your once-complete set of sparkling white teeth.

While the number of elderly people who retain at least some of their natural teeth has climbed today, the number of seniorswho have problems with cavities and tooth decay has overtaken that of little children.

What factors contribute to dental problems in elderly people?

The first has to do with age, and it is natural. The gums recede, the enamel of all teeth and the surface of molars get worn down by chewing, and the yellowish dentin becomes exposed. Teeth may be made more sensitive. Sometimes, cracks may appear, and the sensitive pulp is exposed.

Gum disease is also more common among the elderly. As the sensitivity of teeth suffers a reduction with age, gum problems may get worse before you even notice any pain. In many older adults, the trough between surrounding gum and the teeth may become inflamed because of decades of bacterial growth.

As you get older, you may need more medications, and many of them may share a common side effect: a dry mouth. Dryness in your mouth is one more culprit responsible for many dental problems.

What may help combat these problems that come with age?

For any age, the best way to fight any dental problems is the triple protection of brushing, flossing and seeing your Cuffley dentist as often as he or she advises you to. Doing these things is not conditional; it has to be regular.

Fluoride is important in fighting off the bacteria that feed on food particles, sugar and acid in the mouth. You can get it from toothpaste and mouthwashes. In some areas, tap water may also contain some fluoride.

For a dry mouth, slowly drinking or sipping water may help, as may chewing sugarless gum once in a while. Cut down on acidic and strong-coloured drinks and foods. Avoid drinking too much alcohol. If you can, quit smoking. All of these make your mouth dry.

You may not be able to stop the hands of time, but if you wish to keep your teeth well into your old age, start taking care of them while you are young and never neglect your oral health.

3 Signs That You Need to Book an Appointment with Your Orthodontist

3 Signs That You Need to Book an Appointment with Your Orthodontist

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According to Dentists, everyone should visit an orthodontist at an early age — seven years old to be exact — for a detailed overview of the growth of their permanent teeth. These visits are necessary in that they help in correcting any misalignments. However, some people realize that they have teeth alignment issues much later in life. Luckily these too can undergo treatment. Here are some dental problems that require a visit to an orthodontist, according to Canton’s drwilliamsorthodontics.com:

Jaw misalignment

Misalignment of the jaw is a common occurrence in the majority of people. Its signs and symptoms are as follows:

  • Experiencing difficulties when closing or opening your mouth
  • Mild headaches that keep radiating to your neck or the ears
  • A sudden popping or clicking sound when talking or chewing
  • Feeling as though your jaw is shifting from its regular place

In case there are no noticeable symptoms, orthodontics will carry out an x-ray to identify the root of the problem.


If you have teeth that appear crooked, gapped, overcrowded or overlapped, you need to see an orthodontist. These problems can be effects of losing your baby teeth earlier than normal. Other causes include having oversized teeth, accidents that affect the structure of your teeth, or your jaw might be too small for your teeth.

Difficulty Chewing

If you have properly aligned teeth, you will not have issues biting or chewing your food. However, if it is vice versa, you will have difficulties and even feel pain when chewing and biting. Moreover, you might also realize that you keep biting your tongue or the inside of your cheek from time to time.

If you have noted any of these symptoms, then it is time to visit an orthodontist. Choose one who will get the job done at an affordable price and still give you a follow-up and care plan.

Ensure the Safety and Effectiveness of Your Dermal Filler Procedure

Ensure the Safety and Effectiveness of Your Dermal Filler Procedure

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The news in the cosmetic industry has been full lately with reports of botched dermal fillers. Health experts, qualified cosmetic doctors, and dentists have called for tighter regulation. Dermal fillers can enhance areas of the face if done properly, yet they can also lead to severe problems if done improperly.

Do you want to get dermal fillers here in Stoke-on-Trent? You can ensure a sterile and safe procedure by asking the questions below.

What Are Your Qualifications?

Primarily, you have to confirm the qualifications of the person giving the filler. Those who have gone through appropriate education can easily prove his or her certification or training. Without skills, you can expect any procedure done by the person to have problematic results.

What Products Do You Use?

Besides qualifications, you can try to know more about what brands of products the person uses. You can then further ask if the product has been tested and researched already. You can do your own research yourself just to make sure.

Do You Have Client References?

You can retrieve testimonies from previous clients as well to find out if a professional has done great dermal filler jobs in the past. When one professional lacks any previous patients, you better choose someone else rather than risk your face.

Former clients will be able to vouch for the good character and good work of a professional.

Is Your Environment Clean?

Now, once you find a qualified professional who can inject the fillers in your face, you still have to make sure that his or her environment is clean and safe. Clinic-based professionals here in Stoke-on-Trent can provide you with the most reliable service. Professionals that give fillers anywhere else will put you at risk.

What Will You Do If Things Go Wrong?

Finally, you can ask the professional the procedure for botched procedures. Insured professionals can easily compensate you for any failures. Lack of insurance ought to alarm you.

Your face deserves careful handling during dermal filler procedures. Finding the best person to administer the treatment will ensure success.

The Three Crucial Phases of Drug Addiction Recovery

The Three Crucial Phases of Drug Addiction Recovery

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Many social, biological, or psychological factors could affect your risk for drug addiction. Even when dealing with the abuse of a particular substance, the truth is that the case of one patient can be extremely different from that of another patient. Even so, Renaissance Ranch Outpatient explains there are three main phases to expect in any addiction recovery process or substance abuse rehabilitation in Sandy, Utah.

Acknowledging the Problem

The first step to recovery is becoming aware that the use of a particular substance has gotten out of hand. This awareness may result from loved ones pointing out the problem or from noticing issues with health, work or finances. Patients are ready for treatment once they are aware of the addiction problem and have acknowledged it.

Seeking Recovery

At this point, the patient is no longer in denial, and they know how the disease is affecting family and friends. The addict is hence motivated to overcome the addiction and is even attempting moderation and a bit of abstinence. Essentially, this is where recovery starts.

Making an Effort to Recover

At this point, patients will be most vulnerable to relapse when they are trying to lead a drug-free life. They have stopped using a particular substance and are finding ways to stay drug-free for the long term. Proper counseling at this phase could provide the needed support and ensure that addicts can break from the shackles of drug abuse.

Once patients go through these stages, they are likely to take up an active role in ensuring sustainable progress. In any ideal substance abuse rehab in Sandy, addicts are taught how to continue working on ensuring sobriety for the rest of their lives. Regardless of the substance in question, there is hope of being able to lead a healthier and happier life.

Top Reasons Taekwondo is Perfect For Your Children

Top Reasons Taekwondo is Perfect For Your Children

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No matter how good, respectful, or obedient your kids are, it’s always a good idea to let them try out new things that can help them develop skills that they can use throughout their journey through life.

Taekwondo is among the activities that can improve your children’s self-esteem and outlook in life. Enrolling them to taekwondo classes for kids is a good way to help them develop discipline at a young age.

Being Active Means Becoming Healthier and Happier

This is especially true today, wherein more people (kids and adults) have weight problems. Being active helps your children not just avoid this growing health issue, but also become healthier. You know that better health always goes hand in hand with happiness.

They Will Learn to Respect and Value Their Bodies

Self-confidence starts with respecting one’s self, and martial arts will help your kids achieve that. As children attend taekwondo classes, they will face difficulties and setbacks that will make them stronger. Through these challenges, they will learn the value of respecting their body, as well as understand the importance of keeping it fit and healthy. This will then prepare them for the challenges as they become older.

It Gives Them an Important Skill: Self-Defense

Don’t forget the fact that martial arts can serve as a life-saving tool. Numerous child-related crimes happen every day and it’s extremely reassuring on your part to know that your little ones can defend themselves in case they become the targets.

It’s clear that martial arts is not just for teens and adults. Learning taekwondo as early as possible helps children prepare for a more challenging adult life. Let your kids attend martial arts classes; it’s way better than spending the entire day watching TV or playing video games.

3 Things to Know About Stem Cell Therapy

3 Things to Know About Stem Cell Therapy

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Stem cell therapy has become quite popular in recent years, but what exactly is it? Here are some of the things you need to know about it before deciding to get one:

What is stem cell therapy?

First of all, let’s start with what stem cells are. These are the types of cells that can develop into different cell types — a brain cell, a muscle cell, a red blood cell, and more. While stem cells can be found in different parts of the body, the bone marrow has the highest concentration of stem cells. 

During a stem cell therapy, a small number of stem cells are retrieved from the person’s bone marrow. The stem cells are then re-injected into the patient’s own body — at the site of the injury. These stem cells then work to repair the damage naturally as they develop into specialized cells needed to return the damaged function.

How effective is a stem cell therapy and how long does it last?

Based on research, stem cell therapies are deemed 85% effective. There are also clinical studies that show that a successful stem cell therapy can last for many years. It’s a great alternative to cases wherein surgery used to be considered as the only option.

How fast is the recovery time for stem cell therapy?

Arata Medical explains that stem cell therapy patients can feel improvement between six and eight weeks following the procedure. When a patient starts to feel the improvement, it extends to more than six months. During the recovery time, patients are advised to expect some mild soreness that can last for seven days. Doctors recommend their patients to avoid strenuous exercise and other physical activities during the recovery period to avoid complications.

This new alternative to surgery has a lot of potential uses in the medical field. If you think you can benefit from this type of procedure, talk to your doctor so you can know more about the process.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Professional Teeth Whitening

Factors That Determine the Cost of Professional Teeth Whitening

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Woman smilingPeople looking to brighten their smiles can choose between in-office teeth bleaching and at-home treatment options. While in-office teeth whitening is safer and more effective than at-home alternatives, the procedure is usually more expensive.

Here are some of the things that justify the higher cost of professional teeth whitening:

More concentrated bleaching agents

Many forms of teeth whitening contain carbamide peroxide as the main bleaching agent. The difference between the products is in the composition. At-home teeth bleaching kits contain low-dose whitening agents. On the other hand, professional in-office whitening procedures rely on highly concentrated bleaching gels.

Faster results

The concentration of the bleaching gel professionally applied by a dentist is stronger than what’s available in the at-home whitening products. Consequently, chairside bleaching achieves faster results. The in-office procedure lasts about an hour whilst you can expect to use at-home whitening products for 2-4 weeks. Accordingly, you can get a brighter smile after just an hour rather than having to wait for several weeks.

Professional supervision

If you are considering chairside bleaching, you may have to undergo a dental consultation or examination to find out if you are a good candidate for the treatment. Your dentist must be satisfied that your teeth and gums are healthy enough for the procedure.

The consultation or exam will likewise help determine whether whitening can resolve your type of tooth discoloration. If your discoloration is caused by an underlying disease or health condition, your dentist may recommend dental therapy first. At-home products do not require any consultation, and this can make them unsafe or a waste of time and effort, not to mention the potential risks involved.

Discussing teeth bleaching with your dentist is important. Once the dental professional clears you for whitening, choosing a suitable method to improve your smile is a matter of your personal preference and budget. If you need quick results without risking your gums or teeth, chairside bleaching is your best option. Whilst you will have to pay more for the professional in-office whitening, the procedure’s dramatic whitening effect and dental supervision justify the cost.