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CompTIA: Cybersecurity to Determine Smart City Development

CompTIA: Cybersecurity to Determine Smart City Development

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Digital security will make or break the development of smart cities in the U.S., aside from searching for funds to develop these projects, according to a Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) report.

Liz Hyman, CompTIA executive vice president of public advocacy, said that cybersecurity could be the “most mission critical component” for smart communities. This would require the public and private sectors to hire “a new contingent of cyber workers.

IT Professionals

CompTIA’s report based its findings on 1,000 US households and 350 U.S. government officials. It noted that 40% of government officials acknowledged a skills gap and lack of required expertise on the expansion of smart communities.

The potential needed for more workers represents good news for aspiring IT professionals. As early as now, interested parties should expand their knowledge and apply for certification, which further improves their credentials. Some training programs allow you to be immersed in real-life scenarios, while a CompTIA Security+ practice test also allows you to know the technical aspects of cybersecurity.

Smart Contingency

If governments fail to invest in expanding their IT staff’s expertise, as well as hiring new workers, the next stage of developing smart communities would be in limbo, according to Tim Herbert, CompTIA senior vice president, research and market intelligence.

Other factors that will be crucial in shaping the future of smart cities include “bridge technologies,” which will help in raising awareness on smart city concepts. Investments in broadband infrastructure will also be necessary. Still, Herbert advised that challenges concerning funds, privacy and technology integration would likely require a transition to smart cities “in measured steps, not great leaps.”

Smart cities could be the next milestone for improved living conditions in the U.S. However, the success of their development lies in the public and private sectors’ cooperation to resolve online technology and infrastructure challenges.

Understanding Tax Fraud and How to Prevent It

Understanding Tax Fraud and How to Prevent It

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Few people enjoy filing their taxes, partly because the process is quite complicated and confusing. The language and criteria for certain tax breaks do not make it any better. You may end up guessing steps in the process, and that might get you on the wrong side of the Internal Revenue Service.

You should always understand the various missteps that taxpayers make, explains a white-collar criminal defense lawyer in Houston. Some of the tax fraud mistakes you may end up committing include the following:

Taking advantage of earned income tax credit by mistake

The Earned Income Tax Credit minimizes the tax burden on individuals who earn a low income. This tax credit requires you to meet certain requirements. You should note that the maximum amount of earnings fluctuate on an annual basis.

Ensure you are up-to-date with the correct figures. If you file for this credit, yet your maximum amount exceeds the set amount, the IRS will register an interest which can prompt a tax audit.

Using tax deductions for which you are not eligible

Many individuals find themselves in trouble after filing for tax deductions that are not fit for them. Ensure you are conversant with your tax deductions and do not file for any other. For example, you cannot file for home office tax deductions unless you work from home and use that room for business purposes exclusively.

Ignorance is expensive, and the Internal Revenue Service will not care whether your tax errors are intentional or not. Tax fraud is still a crime. You can consult for professional help when filing your taxes to avoid making mistakes. If you are already in a tax-related ‘mess,’ consult a white-collar criminal defense lawyer in Houston for expert advice on how to get yourself out of it.

An Expert Guide on Feeding Poultry

An Expert Guide on Feeding Poultry

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Chickens need a balanced diet rich in nutrients for optimal growth, quality egg production, weight gain and increased protection from poultry infections. In olden days, individuals had to make their chicken food by mixing different grains.

But feeds specialist Takanini Feeds notes that now there is a variety of pre-formulated poultry feeds in feed stores.

What exactly are the nutritional needs of the hens in your poultry farm and how will you feed them to ensure you have a healthy brood? Here is a guide for feeding chicken.

Types of Chicken Feed

Your chickens have different nutritional needs at different ages. From hatching to six weeks, chicks need starter feeds with protein levels of 20-22%. From 6-20 weeks, your chicken needs pullet grower with 14-16% protein.

After 20 weeks, layer hens need protein levels of 15-18%. Ideal feed for your brood should also provide energy. Conventional sources of energy include fats, oils and cereals.

Amount of Feeds

The quantity of food you give your chicken will depend on the age of your hen and the technique of feeding you prefer. Some people leave their backyard chickens out the whole day to feed in some buffet-style setting whenever they want.

Others dole the feed out in measured portions twice or thrice daily. Your chicks aged 0-6 weeks need 2-2.9 pounds of feed, pullets need 12-13 pounds grower feed and layers above 14 weeks need 1.8-2.4 pounds per week of feed per hen.

Importance of Clean and Fresh Water

Just like your body, a chicken’s body mostly consists of water. Though not often regarded as a ‘nutrient’ or “food,” it is one of the essential requirements for your brood. Ensure the hens have clean, cool and fresh water throughout.

You do not need a certified kitchen to prepare your chicken feed in but the space you use to feed your poultry in should be clean to reduce the risk of disease. Pelleting of feeds ensures your bird eats more at a time and decreases the amount of energy used by your hen for feeding.

3 Reasons Why Consistent Supervisor Training is Crucial

3 Reasons Why Consistent Supervisor Training is Crucial

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Outsourced human resource management such as supervisor training is very crucial to your business. This is because your supervisors and/or managers are the ones who are on the field every single day, working with people, managing the operations, and dealing with and solving problems. They are the ones who are in constant interaction with the rest of your employees, so without proper training, how can they improve?

Here are three reasons why supervisor training from experts like HR Service Inc. is essential.

They Need to Learn How to Flag Problems Fast

It’s not enough that your managers and supervisors can handle and solve problems. They need to know enough to spot problematic areas and issues before they can even become problems. If problems persist without intervention, you can face more than just poor productivity and high employee turnover rates. You can even face fines and lawsuits that are otherwise avoidable if your supervisors and managers were able to spot them early on.

They Need to Develop Soft Skills

Coaching, negotiations, problems solving, listening, and meditation; these are just some of the soft skills that your managers and supervisors need to develop and improve on so they can better handle their jobs. In fact, experts say that one of the top soft skills leaders need is delegation. Through training, you can teach your supervisors and managers these soft skills so they can use them in the field.

Training Helps Lower Turnover Rates

If you give your people sufficient and consistent training, you are telling them that they matter to your company. And in return, you increase loyalty. This then helps lower turnover rates, not just among your supervisors and managers, but also in your entire workforce. Team players want to work with a supervisor or manager who knows what he or she is doing.

Train Your Managers Today

There are many investments you can make in your company and training is one of them. Make sure that your employees, especially your chosen leaders, get the training they need so you can focus on the most urgent task: expanding your empire.

Advantages of Hiring a Roofing Specialist Over DIY

Advantages of Hiring a Roofing Specialist Over DIY

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Do-it-yourself home improvement projects, also called DIY, have always been popular among homeowners. While there are various projects you can take on to keep yourself busy and improve your home, at the same time, roof maintenance and replacement are not among these undertakings. Your roof protects your home from the elements, so you need to make sure you get an excellent job from a trusted contractor — besides, roof repairs can be trickier and more challenging than you think.

When it comes to your roof, it is important to go with professional roofing specialists, in Katikati, Rotorua, Taupo and surrounding areas, encourage Kiwispout NZ LTD. Here are some reasons that working with experts is far better than taking the DIY route.

Personal Protection – Thousands of accidents are recorded every year from ladder-related activities alone. Expert roofers have the necessary equipment and experience to ensure safety and manage hazards during the whole process of roof repair or replacement. It pays to leave this risky project to the professionals and save yourself a possible trip to the emergency room.

Speedy Turnaround – Depending on your experience, a DIY roof project can last many days or weeks to complete. This process can leave your home and your valuables exposed to the elements, making them at risk of damage. Experienced roofers can perform the task more quickly and efficiently to keep everyone and everything in your home safe.

Reliable Warranties – Materials and services of professionals often come with warranties for your peace of mind. In the unfortunate event that unexpected issues arise, you can relax knowing that your service provider will fix everything for you.

Going the DIY route may appear budget-friendly; however, different factors and mishaps that may occur can interrupt your project and even cost you more time and money, in the end. Let the experts get the job done right the first time, so you can rest easy and enjoy the lasting benefits of a secure roof.

Business Buzz: Upgrading Your Corporate Gifts and Giveaways

Business Buzz: Upgrading Your Corporate Gifts and Giveaways

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Promotional items might look like an extra expense on your part, but when you use them properly in your marketing strategies, they will generate profit for your business. However, they should be designed properly with the right aesthetic and function for your customers to deem it useful and worth keeping. Here’s a shortlist on creating the proper promotional giveaway for your clients:

Work with a Professional

Low-quality design printing can give your company a bad image or reputation. It can send the message that your giveaways are cheap and not worth spending on which can translate to your customers’ status as well. If you can put some effort and budget into your own products and services, the same should be said of your handouts that serve as personal reminders to your clients. Find a good printing company, so you’re assured of high-end work.

Maximize the Medium

Simply because you are limited to a few items doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. Make them your own. Produce your design to show the best that your business can offer. Talk with your chosen printing service for the right output. Moreover, ask your printing professional if they can also do your label printing for a possible package deal.

Choose Business-Relevant and Useful Items

Promotional items don’t only tell customers your business name and contact numbers. They are also reminders of what your business is about. Choose useful items that are relatable to your service and products. That way, if they are in need of your company, they’ll remember you quickly.

Designing and producing your promotional items to make them attractive and valuable is an important and effective part of your business’ marketing campaign. Poor design and printing can cost you more than budgetary cuts in the long run. Remember, to be viewed as a trustworthy and reliable company, the same should be said of your promotional freebies.

Let the Imaginary Friends Stay: Pretend Play is Vital to Creativity

Let the Imaginary Friends Stay: Pretend Play is Vital to Creativity

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While you may sometimes feel the need to reveal to your students that Bimby the Dinosaur with Chicken’s Feet is but a figment of their imagination, experts say you should let their imaginary friends stay: pretend play is essential to creativity.

It may be high time to ask Play’n’Learn for help in stocking your school with toys that encourage social and role-play. Several studies reveal that pretend play may enhance children’s capacity for cognitive flexibility and primarily, creativity.

Essential to Creativity

Amidst a sea of children getting busy over colouring and drawing, Maxine and Harper are bent on building a tower out of wood blocks: today, they’re architects.

Their tower, however, is top-heavy and the pair watches as it starts to wobble. The girls pause to examine their work. Harper begins to pull it apart to rebuild it. Up goes the tower again, but as Harper used the biggest block for the building’s foundation this time, it now stands on a solid base.

Kids build things and dismantle them on a daily basis, and while what Harper seemed unremarkable, by revising her construction she engaged in ‘divergent thinking.’ This two-step thought process involved her mind, processing her knowledge and then generating new ideas for how she can use them. Divergent thinking is vital to problem-solving and is the foundation of creativity.

A Helpful Ability

Our society tends to associate the word creativity with artistic endeavours. Divergent thinking, however, is a significant part of daily interactions, whether it’s dealing with workplace issues or devising the next big thing on social media. This unique ability will be crucial to work environments of the future.

Today’s children will see an ever-changing technological landscape, a rapidly shifting global economy, and in-depth environmental and health challenges – scenarios that will put divergent thinking to work.

Mark Runco, Ph.D., University of Georgia’s Torrance Center for Creativity & Talent Development director says everyone has creative potential, and it falls on parents and teachers to help children fulfil it.

Understanding Lasik

Understanding Lasik

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Throughout the world, LASIK is steadily gaining more traction, perhaps due to the various statistics regarding its effectiveness. The Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery reveals that a massive 97 percent of LASIK surgeries are successful — an unprecedented number for a new surgical procedure. Furthermore, LASIK’s complication rate is at a minuscule 0.3 percent at its lowest.

Such numbers make it easy to understand why many prefer to opt for LASIK surgery in Singapore and elsewhere. But as a relatively young procedure (the first laser for LASIK application was approved in 1998), LASIK has its share of misconceptions. It’s about time to remove them.

It’s Not a Perfect, Wondrous Cure-All

LASIK (or laser vision correction surgery) is useful, but not entirely remarkable. Consumer watchdog Consumer Reports surveyed 793 individuals who have undergone surgery and found that, while 80 percent are satisfied with the results, at least 2/3 of the respondents are disappointed that they still need to wear glasses or contact lenses.

The study found that LASIK is effective in improving vision, but not to the extent of completely getting rid of one’s glasses.

Understanding the Risks

LASIK can be used to correct one eye for distance and the other for near vision. However, it cannot correct presbyopia so that one eye can see both near and far. If you can adjust to this correction, it may eliminate or reduce your need for reading glasses. Yet it is risky because two eyes can no longer work together. This causes poorer quality vision and a decrease in depth perception. These effects are most noticeable in low lighting conditions and when performing tasks requiring very sharp vision.

As a result, you may need to wear glasses or contact lenses for distance or near vision when performing tasks requiring precise, close vision, such as driving at night, for example.

Finding the Right Doctor

Not anyone can perform LASIK. It’s important to keep in mind that the procedure’s excellent success rate is due to it being carried out by regulated professionals. Therefore, one must focus on finding the right doctor to perform the surgery.

Looking for an excellent LASIK surgery centre is not easy, but can be done. For instance, comparing numerous providers is critical. One must never base a final decision solely on cost or a guarantee, such as: ’20-20 vision, or get your money back guarantee!’ If there’s one truth in medicine, it’s that there are no guarantees whatsoever. Most of all, reading about LASIK and what it entails before, during, and after the surgery can be of great help.

Does the Roof Need Repair or Replacement?

Does the Roof Need Repair or Replacement?

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Man Repairing a RoofMany homeowners and commercial building owners are not aware of when they need to have the roof fixed or replaced. It may take someone with vast experience and years of training to inspect and evaluate the roof.

There are many signs that could signal the need for roof repair in Auckland:


How old is your roof? A typical roof will last between 15 to 25 years. However, it will also depend on other factors such as the location of the house or commercial building. When the roof is situated in a very cold, very hot or rainy location, the lifespan may shorten. When your roof has reached the maximum years of its lifespan, it is ideal to contact roofers for evaluation of its health.

Buckling, Curling or Missing Shingles

Shingles are elements that are flat and rectangular in shape. They are laid in courses on the roof to create a more traditional and beautiful effect. Shingles are made of various materials like slate, wood, fibre cement, metal, plastic or flagstone.

Your shingles curling or buckling signal the need for repair. Moreover, missing shingles means that the roof is damaged and needs repair or replacement.

Roof Valleys

If you see that the shingles are missing or falling apart in a specific area, you need a new roof installed. The valleys are one of the most significant parts of the roof. Rain and snow can flow through these parts and then into the gutters. When this part of the roof gets damaged, the house becomes vulnerable to leaks.

Replacing or repairing the roof is something a homeowner has to do eventually. Regular maintenance and inspection are advised, to repair any damage before it becomes worse.

How Your Choice of Office Furniture Affects Your Productivity

How Your Choice of Office Furniture Affects Your Productivity

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Every piece of furniture you put in your office can influence your employees’ productivity. It is, therefore, important to choose the right items. Here’s how your choice of office furniture affects your productivity:

1. Furniture affects health

Poor choice of office furniture can lead to musculoskeletal injuries and other conditions associated with bad posture. To safeguard your workers’ health, think ergonomics every time you buy a new or used office desk or chair. The desk should accommodate your worker and the workstation tools. It should also be at a height that allows you to fit your knees and thighs under it comfortably. You should also have a supportive chair that maintains normal spinal curvature.

2. Furniture has an impact on office design

The furniture you have and the way you arrange it can make your office look spacious or cluttered. Crowded furniture leads to claustrophobic feelings, which can induce stress and anxiety, as well as lower productivity at work.

3. Colors inspire positivity

Research on color psychology revealed that colors could influence emotions and behaviors. You should, choose furniture colors carefully to encourage the feelings and actions you want. Furnish and accessorize your workstations with cool and bright hues to reduce work stress and positivity.

4. Cleanliness is important

Dingy furniture sends an undesirable message to clients and can affect employee productivity. Clean furniture, on the other hand, can make your customers and workers feel relaxed and comfortable.

5. Boring furniture leads to disorganization

Boring furniture often makes people lose interest in their work. And if there isn’t enough storage space, piles of unfinished work on the desk will lead to irritation, clumsiness, and reduced productivity.

Your workstations have a direct influence on your workers’ health and productivity. Think of your team when choosing furniture pieces. Always go for items that suit everybody’s needs and preferences.